Our Best Answer - How do I reactivate my student number?

Your Canvas and student ID is your seven digit number proceeded by G0 (zero). Students receive a student ID upon registering for Mission College.

For example, G01712345

Any student that has missed more than one semester has to re-apply via CC apply and that re-activates your student ID number.

If you have lost your student ID number, you can go here or under My Mission Portal under “find my ID number.” 


Your default password is your 8 digit birthdate.

Format: mmddyyyy

Please change your password on your first login.

Here's how:

  1. Click Account
  2. Click Settings
  3. Find and click Edit Settings (on the right)
  4. Click the Change Password checkbox
  5. Enter Old password
  6. Enter and confirm New password
  7. Click Update Settings

For problems logging in contact:
I.S. Help Desk: 408-741-2696
WVC AR: 408-741-2001
MC Welcome Center: 408-855-5007
Email: askmc@wvm.edu

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