Our Best Answer - Do I need to take an assessment test?

Assessment Tests Exemptions

It depends on several things. If you already have a college degree from a U.S. college or university, you do not need to be assessed. If you have already taken an assessment test at a California community college and have the scores, we can use those scores to accurately place you. Likewise, if you have taken English, Reading or Math classes at another college, we can review your transcript (even unofficial copies) and place you based on previous coursework. Finally, if you are only here to take a class in some area other than English, Reading or Math, you may not need to take the assessment. However, most students will be placed into math and English courses based on their high school transcripts. There is no charge, and we’ll usually use the higher of your current assessment result or prior test or coursework.

Before taking the Assessment Test, you can take a sample practice test here

Visit the Assessment Center for more information.

The Assessment Center hours vary. Please visit them to get the most up to date hours. Students are welcome any time and are served on a first come, first serve basis

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